The Xerox Difference!

Advantages of Doing Business With Xerox

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1. Xerox Total Experience

Unlike other vendors, Xerox provides all aspects of the Xerox experience: Xerox copiers and printers, Xerox service, Xerox approved lease, Xerox analysts, Xerox support center and Xerox parts and supplies.

2. Xerox Service Technicians

Xerox employees are trained specifically on your product with an average 12 years of tenure. We offer the Best Service in the Industry. J.D. Power and Associates has recognized us for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” for five consecutive years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

3. Xerox Exclusive Concurrent Multi-tasking Technology

Our products are the most productive in the world. Unlike others’ equipment, our copiers and all in one printers operate independently and concurrently, allowing you to scan while you’re printing, print while you’re copying, copy while you’re faxing, and more.

4. Xerox Print Around Technology

When a job is sent to a Xerox multifunction printer and the necessary resources are not available, a note is made, an alert is sent out and the device continues to operate, rather than stop all productivity until the necessary resources are made available.

5. Xerox Unlimited Scan Ahead

A virtually unlimited number of pages can be scanned in a single file, or a virtually unlimited number of individual scans can be made in a row.

6. Xerox Smart Kit Technology

This allows you to maximize your equipment uptime . When a drum cartridge, fuser cartridge or toner cartridge needs to be replaced, an alert is provided and the on-hand supplies can be easily and quickly changed. Some competitive products simply go down and require a service call to become operational again.

7. Xerox Scanning Compression Technology

We feature advanced scan-file compression technology that greatly reduces a scanned image without affecting image quality. JBIG2 technology in combination with the Mixed Raster Content (MRC) method creates a file up to 10X smaller than competitors.

8. Xerox Scan to Accurate Text Searchable PDF

Currently, we have the only copiers with standard OCR that accurately and quickly performs optical character recognition and creates searchable documents that can be easily found no matter where they are saved, using any standard search function.

9. Xerox CCC/DOD Certified Secure

Our entire devices are certified to keep your information completely secure. No other product secures your information from theft at the highest Department of Defense standards.

10. Xerox Remote Supply Monitoring

Xerox can directly monitor copy and print volumes on office devices, enabling supplies to be sent out as needed and billed accurately. No in-office admin is required.

11. Xerox User Interface

Easy-to-use Xerox interfaces are designed to have 80% of the most commonly used functions on the main screen, avoiding the need to drill down to find features. Our interfaces are familiar to previous Xerox users.

12. Xerox Notification Alerts

When an issue arises on a device, an alert notice can be automatically sent out.

13. Xerox 24/7 Technical Support, based in North America

Support is available to you at any time.